The conference will be held in Cetraro, at the Grand Hotel San Michele. The Google Maps link for the precise location can be found on the hotel’s contact page. Here are some suggestions about how to reach the venue.

Last kilometers

We will likely arrange for shuttle transfer between Paola station, and maybe even Lamezia Terme airport, and the hotel. More details will be given later.

By train

The nearest train stations are Capo Bonifati (3.6km) and Cetraro (6km); both of these are served by local trains only. The nearest major train station is Paola (25km).

Italian train tickets can be booked with Trainline (very convenient to use) or directly with Trenitalia. See also this website for a lot of useful information about train travel in Italy.

Travel times below are given for Paola. In Paola, if needed, you can change to a local train to Capo Bonifati (travel time: 20 min; frequency: every couple of hours). If you are arriving by a local train from Naples, you can simply get off directly at Capo Bonifati, about 20min before reaching Paola.

By plane

The most convenient airports are Lamezia Terme (87km), Naples (268km) and Rome Fiumicino or Ciampino (~470km). (Other options include Bari, Brindisi, Catania or Palermo; but these are worse both in terms of number of available flights and available train connections.)

From Lamezia Terme airport to Paola

    • Take the bus to Lamezia Terme Centrale train station (travel time 5min, every 30min).
    • Take the train to Paola (travel time ~30min, every couple of hours).

From Naples International airport to Paola

    • Take the Alibus to Napoli Centrale train station (travel time 15/20min, every 15/20min).
    • Take the train to Paola. Travel time: ~2h30 (intercity trains) to ~3h45 (local trains). Frequency: roughly every hour.

From Rome Fiumicino airport to Paola

    • Take the Leonardo Express train to Rome Termini train station (travel time 32min, every 30min)
    • Take the train to Paola (either direct or with a change in Naples). Travel time: ~3h to 4h (high-speed trains), ~5h to 5h30 (intercity trains). Frequency: roughly every hour.